Balaleet - Traditional Qatari Breakfast

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Though Alhamdulillah life has been busy that I couldn't put up a few important blog posts, I didn't want to miss this post which will also be the last post of this year in sha Allah. No guesses for it as today is Qatar's National Day and this year too I tried making a traditional Qatari dish. Almost 9 years in this beautiful country this indeed has become another home away home for us. The whole country is decked up and the festive feel runs in you too.. with winter holidays starting right after the joy is much.

   Okay coming to the recipe Balaleet- so whats that its sweet vermicelli served with a piece of an omelet. Every Gulf country has a recipe on its own. I first tried balaleet in a hotel in a Sharjah in their breakfast buffet. but I didn't know the vermicelli and the omelet has to be eaten togetheršŸ™ˆ. Then later I 've devoured them virtually through the blogposts of dearies Rafeeda and Famidha.
But I 've never dared to make them at home as I always feared that my family wouldn't like it..
my hubby would ask who will eat sweet vermicelli with omelet? šŸ˜³ ...  Tried to make the taste at a restaurant here but no luck .. they didn't likešŸ˜•.  I totally dropped the plans to try the recipe until recently I stumbled upon the recipe in Qatar living. The recipe was so easy to make and authentic my instincts told me "Let's try this recipešŸ˜¬.. It would be yummy" Surprisingly got a nod to make this and I made this delicious Balaleet for brekkie last Friday.

        True to my instincts this was the best balaleet I have ever had to date..  the whole dish came together under 15 minutes and the saffron-flavored omelet balanced the sweet rose & saffron flavored vermicelli. It's truly magicalšŸ˜šŸ˜. A must-try dish for brekkie for sure. And I am so happy alhamdulillah this will be in our menu hereafteršŸ˜

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You Need:

 for vermicelli:
Vermicelli                     1 cup
Sugar                             1/3 cup
Rose water                    1/4 cup
A pinch of saffron
A pinch of turmeric
A tad pinch of salt & pepper

for omelet:
eggs                          2 nos
A tad pinch of saffron
A pinch of salt & pepper
oil                              1 tsp


Cook vemicelli in enough hot water and drain them.
In a pan add the cooked vermicelli, sugar, rose water, saffron, turmeric salt and pepper. cook for about 5 min.
  meanwhile beat the eggs, saffron, salt & pepper . heat a pan add the oil once it gets hot pour the egg mixture cook them for about two minutes flip them over. cook for a minute .. remove from pan.
Roll them and slice them into pieces.
Keep the cooked vermicelli in a plate . top them with rolled omelet and serve hot!.


Rafeeda AR said...

I am surely going to toss my vermicelli in rose water next time... uff, that would have been flavor double! HD had the same reaction when I made balaleet first time, but now he enjoys it on and off, I suppose for the omelette. Hehe... Beautiful clicks dear, totally love the pink hue... And thank you for the mention, love...

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