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Neeraagaram or Neechoru is  a natural coolant in hot summers. During my childhood days during vacation it would be fun to have it for breakfast as our aunts would prepare the side dishes, we would take everything to the terrace and have it with our uncles and cousins.    This was a typical food in the olden days. Even now in many villages this is had for breakfast. Especially farmers have them before they go to work, because it is said to give more energy to work in the hot sun. It is also said to have more nutrients too. Mash well the neeraagaram with salt and yoghurt voila instant energy drink is ready in a jiffy

 You can have them with chinna vengayam or small onions,  green chillies and yoghurt or you can make a feast with neeraagaram, we make many side dishes to go with the neeraagaram like 4-5 types of vathal,  mor milagai, sambal, any thick tamarind gravy, 2 types of  salted fish, keerai vathal etc, etc, There is no separate preparation for this we make it with the rice already made during lunch/ dinner. Don't use cooked mushy rice. for this the rice has to be cooked perfect to get the perfect neeraagaram, as the rice soaked in water will be soft.

You need:
Cooked rice


Cool the cooked rice and pour enough water just an inch above the rice. there is no stead fast rule for this. Keep it over night, the next morning the rice will be soft and the water would be cold as though it is in the refrigerator
Pour the neeraagaram on a shallow plate and add salt, a dollop of yoghurt and serve



Priya Suresh said...

Wat a healthy and prefect summer cooler, neeraagaram looks fabulous..

Al Hikmah said...

Really it is a good break fast.
Instead of taking shallot (small
onion) as side dish you can cut it
in to small pieces and mix it in the
neeraagaram.Now you can blend them
by putting them in a mixer and
run the mixer for few seconds.You
will love the taste.