Mango Layered Cake/ Maambazha adukku cake

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I have been making the layered cake for so many years but its the first time I am using mango in it. Prepared this cake for a small get together and voila it was a hit. thanks to Home Bakers Challenge for the inspiration.
The natural yellow colour from the mango was very beautiful All these years I have prepared this cake with chocolate and nuts too but didny have the courage to use a fruit in it, blogger world has given me the courage  to try different flavours, hopefully will try it out with different fruits in the future. Look in to my previous post on this Layered cake/ adukku cake for detailed pictures as how to make them. Now lets move on to the recipe
Sending this recipe to announcing-event-taste-of-tropics-mango. hosted by Nayna kanabar

You need:

All purpose flour            1cup(heaped)
Egg                               2nos
Sugar                            3/4cup
Vanilla essence              1tsp
Baking powder              1tsp
Mango puree                 1/2cup
Condensed milk             2tbsp
Milk                              1/4 cup


Beat the egg n sugar together till the eggs are fluffy, mix in the mango puree, flour, baking powder, vanilla essence, salt, milk.
Heat the tawa, put 1/2tbsp ghee and spread it on all sides. Pour a laddle ful of batter and spread a little to form a pancake. Cook on low heat. when the edges turn golden colour, turn them over.

Spread a l/2 laddle ful of batter on the top. Dot the edges with a little ghee.  When the edges turn golden brown n the batter is cooked Turn them over, spread again 1/2 laddle ful of batter, repeat the process till the batter is over. Dot them well with ghee. Trim the edges Cut them into three parts  and cook them on all sides


Simplyfood said...

I love the natural colour of the cake form the mango.I am sure it must have tasted beautiful.

Priya Suresh said...

LOoks wonderful and lovely layers..

wonderfully done cake

Hanin said...

Looks so yumm... Next on my to do list!!