Homemade ghee

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Even when I write this post I can feel the aroma of homemade ghee and the speciality of this ghee is it is made from the famous Uthukuli butter. When we went for vacation my hubby bought a kilo of butter directly from Uthukuli.
 The ghee made from this butter is very aromatic and has a nice golden yellow color rather than the butter available in Khadi craft store which gives a white colored ghee.
Ghee made from fresh butter is more aromatic than made from readily available butters.
 Making ghee at home is not a hard job at all all you need is butter preferably fresh, rock salt, drumstick leaves or curry leaves and buttermilk. After the ghee is made the residue in the vessel can be mixed with rice and eat or dip the dosai in the residue and eat, forget about the calories for that day !! So yummy. Now lets move ahead in making aromatic Uthukuli ghee

You need:

Fresh butter                500gms
Rock salt                     1 tsp
Drumstick leaves (or)
Curry leaves                1/2 cup
Buttermilk                   1/4 cup


Wash the butter with water to remove any impurities , if you are using store bought butter skip this step
Wash the leaves and soak them in buttermilk

Put the butter in a big thick bottomed Kadai. Keep the flame in medium heat
The butter will start to melt at first the butter will start to froth,

Within 15-20 minutes the froth will subside and you will be able to see a clear liquid and when the liquid turns golden color and you can see the bottom of the pan clearly
Now add salt and buttermilk mixture,

 the ghee will start to frizz out that is why you need a big vessel
When the ghee settles you can smell the beautiful aroma of freshly made ghee.

Remove from the stove and strain them in a metal strainer into a clean container.

Now the ghee will be in liquid state

 after 10-12 hours the ghee will solidify and you will get beautiful grainy and aromatic ghee.


2 days back only I had made ghee and ate almost half of it till now :-( Nothing can beat this homemade ghee...

Thanks for this important post.