Avacado n Fig IceCream with Strawberry Ripple

12:04 Niloufer Riyaz 14 Comments

Summer is at peak now n something frozen is the fridge is always delightful. Got some avacados n fresh Figs from the supermarket the other day, n thought why not make it in to n icecream. The icecream tasted delicious, with the smooth avacado, n little fig seeds n with a beautiful strawberry ripple in between.
The figs was less sweeter this time so I had to add little more sugar. You can adjst the sweetness according to your taste n the sweeetness of the fruits. Since there are no stabilizers used in them these would do fine for a week in the freezer, I dont think they will stay that longer!!
Sending this delicious icecream to Priya Mitharwal's Veggie/ fruit month event- Avacado

You need:
Avacado                  1nos
Fresh Figs                6nos
Thick Cream            1/2cup
Milk                         1cup 
Condensed milk        100gms
Sugar                        2-3tbsp
Lime                         1/2nos
Strawberry Syrup


Remove the flesh from the avacado, Peel the figs . Finely shred the green part only  the zest not the white pith of the  half lime n extract the juice.
In a bowl mix in all the ingredients except the strawberry syrup. Beat them till they are smooth. Pour in a freezer safe box n  Freeze them till they are firm for about 6 hours.
Remove them from the fridge, Scrape them with the fork n beat them till there are no ice crystals.
Now place 1/3rd of icecream in the box, make a few line in the fork, pour in the strawberry syrup, top it with ice cream then syrup, finish it with ice cream on top.
Freeze them overnight.
Scoop n serve them garnished with your chioce


Priya Suresh said...

Unusual and fabulous combo for an icecream, very tempting..

You know Niloufer I have never tried making my own ice-cream but I would certainly like to try this...Looks yummy....Nice entry for Priya's event.
Hamaree Rasoi

Unique combo and pic looks very tempting..

Umm Mymoonah said...

looks very rich and creamy.


மிகவும் வித்தியசமாக ஐஸ்கீரிம்...அருமை...

Rachana said...

What a mouthwatering combo for an icecream! Looks too tempting!

Sri Vidya said...

hai .. I would like Congratulate for your Recipe in Hindu ..and the ice cream looks tempting... yum yum

Satya said...

wow ,ice cream looks so yummy n tempting ...very nice combo..must try it...

Swathi said...


Avacado fig icecream with strawberry is really yummy. What more you can ask in this dessert.

Unknown said...

Niloufer, this looks mouth watering, what a wonderful entry for my event.

Krishnaveni said...

yummy yum icecream...beautiful

Hmm.. looks yummy!!

unique icecream....looks refreshing n heavenly

Rach said...

OMG! looks amazing and yummy :)