Aliyar Sambal/ Spicy Onion Sambal

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Onions play a vital role in our cooking. It has many medicinal values too. You still can cook a few dishes skipping onions, but there are few dishes in which you cannot omit them at all. When I had to cook without onions for two months I found that there are few dishes which cannot be made without them. So I have chosen 5 recipes like that n would be sending it to event guest hosted by Priya.
Coming to this recipe it is very easy sambal to make.  I learnt this recipe from my grandmother, it's very tasty, spicy n very easy to make. Aliyar Sambal is my favourite n would just have it Plain rice n boiled egg. This sambal is the perfect accompaniment to any bland dishes like curd rice, paruppu kuzhambu, rasam, Chinese fried rice, etc. This sambal can even be stored in the fridge for 3-4 days. Use good quality thick soy sauce to enjoy the taste in maxima.
Sending this sambal to Healing foods- Onion guest hosted by Priya event by Siri

** Updating the recipe with new pic😍

Aliyar Sambal / Spicy Onion Sambal

You need:
Onions( chopped)              1/2cup
Dry Red Chillies                 2-3nos
Oil                                      1tsp
Thick Soy Sauce              

Fry the red chilli in 1 tsp oil n crush them with the chopped onions n salt.
Add enough soy sauce to mix with.
Let the onions soak in soy sauce for an hour( the longer the tastier)
Serve them with yourt favorite dish


Hi ,
Onion sambhar looks very yummy and spicy . Just as it's name suggests. Loved the clicks of yours.

Hamaree Rasoi

Krishnaveni said...

different onion recipe....looks great

looks easy :)
we make a few onion sambals as well but I have not tried with soya sauce

Priya Suresh said...

Wow onions sambal looks absolutely delish..Thanks for sending Nilou..happy to see ur entry dear..

Umm Mymoonah said...

A very different dish Niloufer, looks so spicy and yummy:-)

Unknown said...

A very very new recipe for me. Sounds good :)

Rach said...

very easy and interesting :) This recipe is from which place authentically? I got this doubt, since soya sauce is one of the main ingredients...

Hai! I think this recipe is origins from malaysia, learnt it from my Grand mother who lin=ved there