Ginger n Cardamom Tea

11:44 Niloufer Riyaz 8 Comments

What could be better than having a sip of ginger n cardamom tea in a cool evening. Its simply amazing. Usually we make ginger tea or cardamom tea seperately, but I like the combination of ginger n cardamom together. The spice from the ginger and the flavor from the cardamom complements each other. Had this Flavourful n spicy tea with suyyam, that was  prefect for evening.
Sending this tea to Priya's CWS- Cardamom seeds

You need:
Milk                    1 1/2cup
Water                  1/2cup
Tea powder         2tsp
Ginger                  1" piece
Cardamom           3nos
Sugar to taste.

Put the ginger and cardamom seeds in the chutney jar and grind them in pulse mode for 30 seconds.
In a tea pan pour the milk, add water, tea powder, ginger n cardamom mixture n boil for 5-7 minutes.
If you want the tea to be little stronger boil for a few more minutes.
Strain, add sugar
Serve hot


Priya Suresh said...

Beautiful Tea..thanks for sending to Cws..

i always drink plain tea, this would be a nice change...

Hi nice pictures...ginger cardamom tea is my favorite too...looks good with the cookies :)

Mrs.Ahmed said...

Beautiful try your recipe..:)

panchpakwan said...

Wow i love these teas.. Perfect with cookies..

Soma Pradhan said...

Hey i am in for the cup of tea. self inviting myself

Yasmeen said...

Cardamom in chai is simply divine :D

Simplyfood said...

Masal tea my favourite.Tea looks delicious.