Milagai Bajji/ chilli fritters

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Back to the blogger world after a gap of 14 days. O My gosh! I just couldnt imagine how those days passed by doing nothing. Missed blogging and cooking.Yes! didnt do any cooking due to chicken pox. But my mind was always thinking about cooking and cooking only. Now back with a bang and a hot dish"Milagai bajji!" the name always reminds me of the exhibitions held in Chennai and  the cool cool Kodaikanal. What a feiry dish! The long chillies always fascinate me n s our favorite despite its hotness.I never miss buying them when they are available in the market.The chilli used here is pakoda chilli which is long and pale or dark green in colour. I usually slit them and remove their seeds to reduce the hotness. Use a big kadai to fry them. I always have mayo as side dish. Mayo n chilli fritters is the best combo the hotness in chilli compliments with the sweetness in chilli. Sending this hot hot Bajji to healing foods- Capsicum guest hosted by Graziana event by Siri

You need:
Pakoda chilli/ long green bell pepper         8nos
Gram flour                                               3/4cup
Rice Flour                                                1/4cup
Baking powder                                        a small pinch
Orange red colouring                               few drops(optional)
Oil to fry

Slit the chillies in one side keeping the tip intact ( helps in holding the chillies while frying) and maximum remove the seeds. Wash them thoroughly.
Make a batter with both flours, baking powder, colouring, salt in a pouring consistency.
The batter should neither be thick or thin.
Heat oil in Kadai . Dip the chillies well in batter and drop them in oil immediately.
Fry them on both sides till golden colour.
Serve with either mayo or sweet sauce


hi niloufer, hope your feeling fine now....chilli fritters looks crispy & delicious and one of my fav snack ...

Priya Suresh said...

Crispy fritters makes me hungry..

Yum bhajji's I love these.. usually make them with onion and potato on the side...

I am curious... when I had pox, my doctor didnt allow me to eat fried food and spicy food for a month! Didnt yours?

Actually I made this Bajji two days before I had my pox but couldnot post it. It was there in my draft for 2 weeks and Im posting it now

s said...

i love these,,,,yum!

pierre said...

i love green peppers so this recipe is for me !! Pierre de Paris

Graziana said...

Thank you for joining Healing Foods - Capsicum

Mona said...

I often make a simple filling. Frying them as it is in batter sounds simple and quick!

Siri said...

I hope you are feeling better now Niloufer. the bajji looks so tempting.. perfect for a rainy day, like today (in DC).