Kiwi and Sweet melon juice

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Bought kiwi and sweet melons last week and was just pondering as what to try something new and made this simple juice which tasted very good with the slight sourness of kiwi and sweetness of melon.The green colour looked so refreshing as the taste. Try and you will surely love it.
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You need:
Sweet melon                     200gms
Kiwi                                 1 1/2nos
Sugar                                1tbsp
Water                               1 1/2cups
Ice cubes

Peel the skin from melon and kiwi.  Remove the seeds from melon.
Blend melon, 1 kiwi, sugar, water and ice cubes. Strain
Blend the half kiwi with the little strained juice and mix it along the rest.
Serve cold

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Priya Suresh said...

Feel like having this delicious juice..