3n1 Broccoli and Potato Stuffing

18:29 Niloufer Riyaz 1 Comments

Every time I open my refrigerator the broccoli which i got from the market will ask "what are you going to do with me, Im lying in the fridge for a week!". Yes I was in a utter state of confusion as what to prepare with Broccoli. Then I thought why not make a stuffing with potato and I not only Got a great stuffing but also I found three new dishes which I will be posting later. You can make stuffed chappatis, Tikki and also stuffing for sandwhiches. Now following is the recipe for my  3 n 1 broccoli and potato stuffing.

You need:
Broccoli( blanched)                100gms
Potato(boiled)                        2nos
Onion                                    1/2 nos
Green chilli                             1 nos
Coriander leaves                     a handful
Amchur powder                     1 tbsp

I used my food processor to make this easy stuffing. So First goes my onion and chilli. Give a run for 30 seconds till they are just chopped fine.
Then the Broccoli and Coriander leaves, again a run for 30 seconds. now the potatoes and run the processor for a minute to make every thing blended.
Add salt, amchur and now you can use them in your fav dishes


Priya Suresh said...

Very great and beautiful stuffing Umm!