Dry Prawn Fry

17:39 Niloufer Riyaz 1 Comments

Dry Prawn Fry the all time favorite and the perfect side dish is very easy to make and spicy too.

You need:
Prawn                      200gms
Chilli powder           1tsp
Turmeric powder      1/2tsp
Jeera powder            1/2 tsp
Ginger paste              1tsp
Vinegar                      1tsp
Oil                              2-3tbsp
Curry leaves               a few

Clean and de-vine the prawns.
In a bowl mix the prawns, chilli, turmeric, jeera, ginger paste, salt, vinegar and curry leaves.
Heat oil in a kadai add the prawns cook till the prawn is well fried and oil seperates.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying this recipe hope it comes out well....!!!!!!!!