Baked Paneer Samosas

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To is weekend for us so, R and jr wanted snacks in the evening. Since the lunch menu was heavy I didnt want to make an oily snack. Then planned to make baked samosas but couldnt decide on the filling. Then an idea stuck why not make a completely oil free samosa. The result: Guilt-free baked paneer Samosas. The recipe doesnot call for any oil and the samosa has a crisp shell and the filling was completely soft. My son who dislikes paneer just loved these samosas. You can also deep fry them and this recipe comes in handy when you have unexpected guests at home. Just defrost the readymade samosa pattis, make the filling, make samosas and deep fry or for health conscious ones you can bake them. Since I always keep stock of frozen paneer I just microwaved it in hot water and made the filling. Sending this recipe to Divya's sunday-snacks-healthy-snacks event and Champa's Bake-off event

You need:

Ready made Samosa leaves                 12nos
Crumbled paneer                                 1cup
Capsicum/ green bell pepper                1/2cup
Jeera                                                   1/2tsp
Coarsely ground pepper                      1/2tsp
Salt to  taste

Pre-heat the oven @180*C.
In a bowl mix paneer, capsicum, jeera, Salt and pepper.
Place 1tbsp of filling in one corner of the samosa leaf and  fold it into a triangle. Seal the edges with water.
Place aluminium foil or baking sheet  on the baking tray to avoid the samosas from sticking arrange the samosas in the baking tray.
Bake them for 20-25 minutes just to make the samosa leaf  crispy. Adjust the timing according to your oven settings.
If you dont have oven then slowly cook them on a non-stick tawa till the samosa becomes crisp.
Serve them hot direct from the oven with tomato ketchup or sweet chilli sauce


Champa said...

Nice samosas. I make them like this too. I got your entry and this will be part of next roundup on 3/19/2010. Thanks for participating.

Unknown said...

Love your recipes..thanks for them.
Chowringhee Pritam Pura