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Made Parotta yesterday with Chicken curry made from a special masala. Yes Special Coz my Dad bought me this masala when I went to India  few months back. Back in my childhood days my father used to buy this masala from Delhi, n the chicken curry prepared with this masala tastes absolutely divine. Now it is available in Chennai n I was very happy when my father  got me a set of the masalas, from Paneer to mutton( Do try if you get this masala). Since Parotta is my father's favorite  I thought why not post it  n send to
I love my Dad event hosted by Jay.. Dad This is for you!!!

Parotta  needs no intro its an all time favorite. Making parotta is an art. Dont ever get disheartened if you dont get it right for the first time, by practice you will really get the perfect parotta. The real secret behind the perfect parotta is by only kneading the dough well and allowing it to rest for 5-6 hours. Any non-vegetarian gravy goes along with parotta, especially with mutton korma(  my hubby n Dad loves this combination),

You need:
Maida or All-purpose flour                1 kg

Chicken Curry made from Roopak's Chicken Curry Masala

In a big bowl mix the maida and salt together. Add water to it and knead it to a soft elastic dough.
Knead well for about 10 minutes, and divide the dough into 20 equal parts.

Apply oil well to the dough and allow to rest for 5-6 hours.
You can roll out the dough in either in a big flat plate or in the marble worktable in your kitchen.
Apply oil on the workspace, take a piece of dough and roll out into a thin chapati making sure the edges are thin.
Pull the dough away from the center to the end the dough should be stretched thin.

Applt little oil all over the dough, now bring the dough together like folding a fan. Donot disturb the foldings and just roll  and tuck the end inside.

Prepare all the dough like this.
Heat the tawa, while it is getting hot roll out the prepared dough into a thick chappati about 41/2 to 5 inches in diameter.

Cook the parotta by applting oil.
The most intersting part is baetin the hot parotta between the two palms so that the parotta will show out beautiful layers.
Enjoy with the gravy of your choice.

  1. You can also add an egg  mixed with little milk and sugar. this will naturally yield a very soft dough.
  2. When you have to make parotta in short notice, knead the dough with hot water( not very hot but just hot) and give the 1 hour resting time.
  3. Never make the parotta thin, you will not get the beautifull layers.


Rach said...

Parotta looks so yummy :) Well, Its not that I'm in a mood for grills, Its just that, sometimes, my hubby goes to diet mode, that's when grills comes into the scene ( like protien diet, so I grill chicken or fish those days). sometimes he goes for a low calorie or low carbs diet, then its only salads etc. Sometimes he is in a festive mood, thats when sweets, biryanis come to scene... Surprizingly I don't eat all that I prepare... I follow strict ayurvedic diets, which are lacto-veggie in nature... :) I prepare parotta durin saturday nights along with chicken curry or mutton curry ( this would be the main course, The starters would be like chicken lollipop, kebab, grills, crispy chicken etc.) Again I don't eat them :)

Hy dear,

Very intriguing recipe...! Wonderful try. Your dad and hubby is lucky to have this fantastic combo...:))

Swathi said...

Parotta looks really good I love them. I have to make some time.

ahhhhhhhhhhh...awesome parantha...looks gorgeous...bful mom makes this with non veg dishes....

Krishnaveni said...

excellent parotta...tempting a lot...very well explained

Padmajha said...

Yummy parota,well presented...

வாவ்வ்வ்,பரோட்டா நல்லா சூப்பரா லேயரா இருக்கு,அப்படியே எடுத்து சாப்பிடனும்போல் இருக்கு....நல்லா செய்திருக்கிங்க...நான் செய்தால் இப்படி வருவதில்லை...

Shobha said...

Parotta looks out of the world perfect!
loved your blog...following u
do visit my blog some time

I make it the same way one of our favourites lovely pictures Niloufer