Bread raita

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Bread the all in all handy food in our kitchen is a part in many recipes. But have you heard of making it into a raita? Yes! next time you have left over bread in your house or  you want to make a quick raita which i learnt from my sister. Do try this recipe. If you want whip this up in to an easy snack sprinkle some sev on it amd enjoy.
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You need:
Bread                          2 slices
Thick Curd                  1/2cup
Milk                             2tbsp
Sugar                           1 tbsp
Salt                              a small pinch
Roasted Jeera seed      1tsp

Cut the corners of the bread and cut into four pieces, totalling 8 pieces.
Mix the curd, milk, sugar and salt.
In a flat plate arrange 4 pieces of bread and pour half the curd mixture. Place the remaining pieces on top and pour the remainig mixture.
Sprinkle the jeera seeds on top. Refrigerate and serve.

This recipe calls for medium size bread. if you are using large sized one cut it into 8 pieces per bread, and use more curd to make raita.
This raita is little sweet, so if you want it more sweeter add a little more sugar.
You can also make three layers of raita.


Priya Suresh said...

Truly very unique, raita looks fantastic Umm..