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Vattalappam is the Indianised version of  custard pudding.  This can also be served as a dessert. During Eid they used to make this and serve with Jallar the lacy thin pancake.The vattalappam is soft  and tasty. You can also add saffron to make kesar vattalappam.
You need
Egg                             4nos
Sugar                          3/4 cup
Coconut milk              1 cup
Cashew                      7-8
Almonds                     5-6
Cardamom                  2
Milk powder               21/2 tbsp(optional)
Milk                            1/4 cup
Condensed milk          2 tbsp(optional)
Salt                             a very small pinch
Ghee                           2tbsp

Mix the milk powder and milk together.
Grind cashew, almonds and cardamom to a fine paste.
Beat the egg and sugar together until the sugar dissolves.
Add the coconut milk, cashew and almond paste, condensed milk, milk powder paste and salt.
Beat together and pour into a flat base bowl. Drizzle the ghee over the mixture,
Cover tightly with either aluminium foil or cloth and place the lid.
Steam for 30 to 45 minutes. Insert a skewer and check. If it comes out clean then it is done otherwise steam for a few more minutes.

Serve them on their own or serve with Jaalar( lace pancake)

Bon Appetite!