Falooda chinagrass pudding

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This recipe origins from one of my aunt.The pudding tastes just out of this world.Its smooth velvety texture is the highlight of this dessert.The recipe for this delicacy follows

You need
Milk                                    1/2 ltr
China grass                          5gms
Sugar                                   75 gms
Rose syrup                           1 1/2 tbsp
Condensed milk                    3 1/2 tbsp
Salt                                       a very small pinch
Sliced almonds(or) pistas(or) cashews to decorate

Soak the chinagrass for 2 hrs.
Boil the milk in a saucepan.
Add the sugar, salt and the china grass. Boil till the china grass completely dissolves.
Strain the milk. To the milk add condensed milk and rose syrup.
Beat the mixture till it froths with the hand blender or egg whisker.
Pour  the mixture into a serving dish.
Decorate with nuts and Chill.
Slice n serve.
Bon appetite!

*You can also pour into individual dessert bowls n serve

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